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Albion Online Announces Summer Alpha Date and New Video

What do you get when you cross a Thief and a Fire Mage in front of a magic tree? Well you’ll have to watch Albion Online’s latest video to find that out as Sandbox Interactive have just released ‘This is Albion Online’ to the public.

Albion Online

The video features a brand new music score by Jonne Valtonen, and a very cool live-action short with some pretty impressive effects followed by a little chat from Albion Online’s developers as they talk about what kind of things we can come to expect from Albion Online from within a real live castle. You will have to check it out, it is very well produced and features some epic hand gestures.

Additionally, Sandbox Interactive have officially announced that the Summer Alpha will begin on June 29th for Legendary founders, and June 30th for Epic founders. There is still time to become a founder before the start of Summer Alpha, just head over to Albion Online’s website and check the available packages.

What are you most looking forward to with Albion Online’s Summer Alpha?


Source: Albion Online forum announcement

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