Albion Online Cities Get Some Character in Next Update

Entering a city in an MMORPG should generally be a unique experience, and cities in-game tend to carry a unique style that makes them memorable. This is the line of thinking regarding Albion Online cities according to a new developer recap video, which talked about the next update to the game.

The Galahad update to Albion Online will introduce several new styles and layouts for the game’s cities in order to make them feel more unique. “The cities are centerpieces of gameplay in Albion,” said game director Robin Henkys in the video. “We felt that the lack of uniqueness, of interesting differences in cities, was making the game weaker.”

To address those weaknesses, Albion Online cities will now have a variety of new looks that are informed by the biomes in which they are built. Mountainous cities will now feature buildings on sheer cliffsides, while a city located in the steppes will center around an oasis of water as well as trade. There will even be a new central city built on an ancient ruin of the old kings in the middle of a calamitous region of undead.

In total, the Galahad update will offer up six unique biome cities. The update is set to release sometime in March. More information can be read here, and the developer recap video with examples of the new cities can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

With cities in Albion Online being a focal point for player trade and other player activities, it certainly would make sense to design them in a way that makes them unique as well as memorable. The Galahad update seems like a small touch in terms of features, but world-building in an MMO is just as vital as any combat or gameplay system. Perhaps even more so.

Your Thoughts

Are you interested in the new Albion Online cities coming with the Galahad update, or do you think this was a lot of development time spent on an underwhelming feature? What is your favorite MMORPG city? Discuss in the comments below.

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