Albion Online Confirms Release Date for Joseph Update

Albion Online is preparing its first major post-launch update and it looks like a pretty loaded one. The Albion Online Joseph update will introduce new gameplay and a bundle of new systems and improvements to the sandbox.

albion online joseph update

One of the more anticipated features is the arrival of the Arena, which lets two teams of five brawl it out for control points and, of course, rewards. According to the announcement, this mode is built as a way for players to prepare themselves for higher-tier PvP activities as well as a rewarding activity.

Joseph will also replace the game’s Relic Locker sites with Treasure Sites. These Treasure Sites are quite literally littered with Silver and can offer up additional rewards for those who explore the sites a bit more closely.

The Joseph update will also offer up two new Expeditions, the Smart Cast system to help with ground-targeted abilities, UI improvements, five new abilities for several of the game’s weapons, and other improvements.

Joseph will go live to Albion Online players this coming Wednesday, September 27th. More information can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Joseph looks like a pretty welcome update to Albion Online players, particularly with the Smart Cast system and the Arena’s arrival. We hope that inhabitants of this sandbox MMO enjoy what’s to come!

Source: press release

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