Albion Online Discusses Changes Coming to the Outlands

The Outlands of Albion Online are intended to be a lawless zone, but the devs still want to make some adjustments to ensure balance. The Hector update will introduce some of these adjustments, which are detailed by Game Director Robin Henkys in a new video.

hector update

Harbors and cities will be completely removed from the Outlands, as the developers were unhappy with how these cities fulfilled their roles as homes for guilds without territory or players excluded from the continent. The only way to get to the Outlands will now be through the city of Caerleon. Due to its location in the center of the continent, it will serve as the primary hub, with a single great portal linking Caerleon to various points in the Outlands.

Resource gathering will also be seeing a change, with all parts of the Outlands receiving the same amount of resources to gather. However, Black Zones will now have a significantly higher chance to gather enchanted resources. Watchtowers are also getting a boost as the only location with Tier 8 resources, with spawn times arriving at primetime for each region. The developers hope that this will make Watchtowers more attractive for the guild vs. guild fight.

The Hector update is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, June 7th. Players are advised to remove any items stored in banks or market places of the Outland harbor cities before that date or risk losing their stuff forever. The video discussing these changes is available to view below.

Our Thoughts

These adjustments sound like fair ones to us, though whether they will have the desired effect on the Outlands is, of course, up to what players do. What do you think about these tweaks to the lawless zone of Albion Online?

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