Albion Online Discusses Plans for Future Updates

While Albion Online is now fully and officially released, the devs at Sandbox Interactive are not going to rest on their laurels now. In a new Albion Online roadmap, two of the game’s next large updates were given preliminary details along with a general look at what’s ahead beyond that.

albion online roadmap

The first post-launch update, “Joseph”, will introduce a new PvP arena. This 5v5 battle space will offer players a chance to test their skills without the inherent dangers of engaging enemies in the open world. The arena will also offer a game mode where players will need to secure control points. Success in the arena will reward tokens that can be used to purchase vanity items or upgrades to existing items in order to not upset the game’s crafting-based economy.

The next update, named “Kay”, is focused on guild vs. guild warfare. Kay will introduce Guild Power Rankings and territory invasion mechanics to help bring GvG up to “a new level”. Guilds can raise their global ranking by controlling watchtower territories, but will have to regain those watchtowers from NPC attackers when those rankings reset at regular intervals. Guilds who participate in these battles will gain access to “powerful” rewards and unique battle mounts.

Beyond Joseph and Kay, PvE will become a primary focus of future updates. Adjustments to expedition maps and challenges are planned, as well as interactive PvE spots and blessings and new PvE-based character updates.

Joseph is set to release sometime in late September or early October, while Kay should arrive approximately three months after. A detailed breakdown of both of these named updates can be found on Albion Online’s website.

Our Thoughts

All of these planned updates sound particularly meaty and should bring players of Albion Online plenty of enjoyment. We’re looking forward to seeing how this sandbox MMO progresses from here on out!

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