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Albion Online Elaine Update Adds New Biome And Improvements

A new update from Albion Online gives players involved in the final beta to discover a completely new biome! The Albion Online Elaine update is adding the Highlands, which is a beautiful lush landscape with sprawling plateaus, streams and waterfalls and which includes half of the old Mountain areas. The Highlands is also home to the Keepers, an ancient race of giant humans.

Albion Online elaine update

Due to the addition of the Keepers faction, players will also be able to access Keeper Artifact Items. Along with the also new 21 Hell Artifact items, which are available for all item types and can be obtained from Demon bosses, this means that there are now 28 unique Artifact Items waiting for players to craft them.

The Albion Online Elaine update also adds various balance fixes and changes based on previous player feedback in order to improve and stabilize the game even further. According to the official post, “stuttering” has been greatly reduced for larger fights and performance has also increased for “crowded” situations, for instance in larger cities.

A video featuring details about the Elaine Update was also released by Sandbox Interactive, watch it below:


Our Thoughts:

Albion Online seems to be doing very well ahead of its launch and we are looking forward to seeing the full version go live. Meanwhile, these exciting changes show us that the world of Albion Online keeps evolving and becomes harder to resist with every update posted.

Your Thoughts:

Have you joined the closed beta of Albion Online or are you waiting for the final release? What do you think about the Elaine Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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