Albion Online Final Beta Begins

Sandbox Interactive have announced that the Albion Online final beta is live.

Albion Online_City View

The servers have been wiped clean and the new build for the sandbox MMO is available now for all founders at Legendary status, with Epic and Veteran-level founders being allowed in on August 2nd and August 3rd respectively. Players who wish to upgrade their status will be granted access to the final beta according to the tier they move up to.

The final beta will introduce a swath of adjustments to Albion Online, including changes to the Destiny Board, a revamped Guild versus Guild battle system, three new biomes, several new pieces of gear and a Reputation system that will reportedly have “a significant effect on the way the game world reacts” to players.

Full details on the changes available in the final beta can be viewed on the official site.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations to Sandbox Interactive for the milestone! We’re looking forward to seeing how players take to the new final beta build. In the meanwhile, we’ll see how much time is needed in final beta before the game is available for final release.

Your Thoughts

Are you currently in the Albion Online final beta? What do you think about the changes coming to the game? Give us your thoughts.

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