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Albion Online Gaining Steam (Greenlit)

Berlin-based studio Sandbox Interactive will be publishing their sandbox MMO Albion Online on Steam. A campaign to have the game Greenlit on Valve’s game distribution platform has been successfully completed. In a matter of just a few days the community showed enough enthusiasm to green light the independent MMO.

Releasing Albion via Steam is a valiant attempt to live up to the games developmental goals. Sandbox Interactive is striving for a deep economic based MMORPG with mass cross over appeal. Currently the game is available on PC, Browser, Android and soon to be release on Apple products.

Albion Online

“Publishing on Steam gives us another way of allowing players to jump into the world of Albion Online,” said Stefan Wiezorek, founder and CEO of developer Sandbox Interactive. “The social and community-focused functionality of Steam really speaks to the importance we place on player interactions in Albion Online.” 

Players interested in testing can secure their access by purchasing a founder’s pack. All information about those packs can be found here

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