Albion Online Grants Hector Update a Release Date

Albion Online would like to invite Hector into your home. He’s a nice guy, despite what you may have heard about Hellgates. In fact, they’re giving you a Hector release date to prepare for his arrival. As the final update before Albion Online’s official launch, Hector will bring a variety of new adjustments that have been revealed over the past few weeks.

hector release date

The Hector update brings previously explained changes to the PvP Outlands region and shifts to the Hellgates. The update will also bring about the Black Market, an NPC merchant in Caerlorn that buys crafted goods and distributes them to monsters and chests in Albion.

According to the post, this new feature offers several benefits. The Black Market looks to add new PvE loot without taking away from the player-driven economy, act as an item sink for lower-tier items, and grant the opportunity to remove Essences from refining as well as remove refined resources from chests and Hellgates.

The Hector update will also add new mounts, improvements to the Destiny Board UI, and a lot more. Hector will arrive to Albion Online on Wednesday, June 7th. A website detailing all of the changes arriving in Hector can be found here.

Our Thoughts

While a lot of the features arriving in Albion Online sound great, we’re most eager to see Albion Online finally get that much closer to final release. The only worry is what major effect this Black Market NPC will have on the wider Albion economy, but we’re expecting to learn more about this feature soon.

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