Albion Online Hellgates are Getting a Revamp

When you call an in-game location a “hellgate”, you probably shouldn’t expect things to be very comfortable. That said, Sandbox Interactive believes that Albion Online hellgates could do with a little bit of fixing up. The goal, according to the devs, is to make things a little fairer…because when you’re entering hell, you might want a little extra help.

albion online hellgates

According to the devs, several mechanics within the game have led to some exploitative behavior such as waiting for groups to arrive at an entrance or drawing mobs into a fight. As a result, hellgate content will be completely rebuilt.

For starters, the hellgate will feature a new map in the shape of a pentagram with a circular path connecting to each point. Entrance into the hellgate will be along these circular paths, however, which entrance you arrive in will be selected at random. Groups also cannot leave the hellgate for a certain period of time and will also receive a protective bubble upon their initial entry.

To lessen the frequency of mobs being drawn into a PvP skirmishes, monsters in the hellgate will now be fewer and weaker. While there will be a new mini-boss creature added to the hellgate, that mini-boss will be immobile and attack only from range in order to prevent it from being kited to a group. So why bother attacking a mini-boss? Because doing so will reward loot, and defeating all of the mini-bosses will close the exits out of the hellgate and spawn a main boss.

Hellgates will also arrive in three different varieties: Ashen, Ignited, and Infernal. Each new type represents a difficulty level, with Ashen being tuned for beginner groups, Ignited for those who want to step up their PvP but don’t want full-loot, and Infernal for the complete open-world PvP experience. Ashen hellgates are in green zones, Ignited in yellow zones, and Infernal in red and black zones.

The new-look hellgates will be previewed in a Twitch stream later in the week. For now, more details can be found on the official site.

Our Thoughts

It sounds like these new hellgates will bring balance to the PvP zone without sacrificing too much for PvP’ers in Albion Online. Unless, of course, you feel differently? If you like to PvP in the current hellgates of Albion Online, let us know what you think of these changes.

Source: press release

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