Albion Online Prepares for Closed Beta

Albion Online recently released a “Roadmap for Closed Beta,” highlighting various improvements and preparing for the game’s first Beta.

Roadmap to Closed Beta

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Each of Albion Online’s Alpha events have been extremely successful. Because of this, the developers have been able to pinpoint specific problems and fix them in preparation for Closed Beta. Among their top fixes: reworking gear progression and power curve, gear availability for PvP, and skill-based combat fixes.

Reworking Gear Progression and Power Curve

In the upcoming beta, Albion Online has flattened the gear power curve. From the dev blog:

Gear plays a very important role in Albion Online, and is also a core part of the player driven economy. Having said that, we believe that the current power curve of gear is far too steep, to a point where it becomes very hard to compete with players who are only few power levels higher in gear.

  • For the upcoming closed beta test, we will significantly flatten the gear power curve. Of course, rarer gear will always be stronger, but not by as much as it currently is.
  • Also, we will develop a gear scaling feature which we can enable or disable for certain zones or certain types of hellgates. With gear scaling enabled, stronger gear will still be better than weaker gear, however, we can shrink the difference somewhat. Of course, higher end zones will not have any gear scaling. During closed beta, we will test this out and see how it works.

Gear Availability in PvP

Being a completely player-run world, PvP plays a crucial part in how the game functions. The developers plan to fix the availability of gear in Closed Beta:

PvP combat plays a huge role in Albion Online. We are always looking at ways in order to encourage and support PvP, without forcing it on people.

  • We will adjust resource distribution and the time it takes to create an item set in such a way that the effort it takes to create a decent PvP set is reduced.
  • High end gear will of course still be very rare and hard to get – however, if you want to venture out and do some PvP, it will be much easier to do than currently. And due to the flattened power curve, you will be able to compete, too – at least in the entry level PvP zones.

Skill-based Combat Fixes

In Alpha, Sandbox Interactive focused on getting all core aspects into the game. In Closed Beta, the developer plans to polish all game play features–specifically all combat-related features. From this point forward, all items will have noted functions and clear roles, al 19 available roles will be fully functional and viable in combat, and skill and character configuration will be crucial in deciding the outcome of a fight.

For more information, visit the official “Roadmap to Closed Beta” blog post here.


Source: Albion Online

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