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Albion Online Reaches 60,000 Founders

It’s only been two weeks since the start of Albion Online’s closed beta test, but the game has already hit the 60,000 player mark.

Albion Online stats

It’s hard to deny the popularity and hype behind Albion Online, and 60,000 founders is a fairly impressive number. To put things in perspective, that’s twice as many backers as the initial Star Citizen Kickstarter had and nearly four times Crowfall’s campaign.

“It is an amazing feeling to reach this milestone and have so many people enjoying your fruits of labor”, said Christian Ziegert, Head of Operations at Sandbox Interactive. “We are grateful for all the support of our Founders and we will continue working closely with our community to keep improving Albion Online further.”

So far, the beta event has shattered records for number of players online, guilds, countries represented, buildings constructed, and PvP kills.

In order to gain access to the Albion Online closed beta test, players must purchase one of three different founder’s packs. These include Veteran ($29.95), Epic ($49.95), and Legendary ($99.95), and each includes various perks and in-game bonuses.

Our Thoughts:

Albion Online is doing a great job of reinventing the MMORPGs of the past. It’s combing the key elements of historic hardcore games and the better resources of today’s development tools to put a unique spin on the MMORPG experience.

Source: Sandbox Interactive

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