Albion Online Releases a Trailer for the Joseph Update

By next week, the first post-launch update to Albion Online will be live, and a new Joseph update trailer is offering players a look ahead at all of the new content and refinements that players of the sandbox can look forward to.

joseph update trailer

The video grants players their first look at the new 5v5 PvP arena arriving to Joseph, along with some looks at the rewards players can earn including cosmetics and a new mount. The video also shows off the two new T6 Expeditions: The Eternal Battle and The Three Sisters. The video also grants a look at adjustments that were recently detailed when the update firmed its release date.

On the subject of release date, Joseph is due to arrive to Albion Online on Wednesday, September 27th. You can take a look at what’s coming by watching the video below.

Our Thoughts

While not a terribly ground-breaking update, it’s still good to see Albion Online get further refinements and quality-of-life additions, and we’re sure that PvP-minded players will have fun in the new Arena while the more PvE-oriented will enjoy the new Expeditions.

Source: press release

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