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Albion Online reveals Classless Character Customization

Albion online has released a new video today for their upcoming cross-platform sandbox MMO, called Albion Online. The trailer explains how the unique “Classless” system in Albion Online works and how it offers players a flexible and fully customizable gameplay experience. The game is expected to go in to open beta later this year. Check out their new developer video right down here!

So usually in other MMOs, players choose a character and immediately assign themselves a class which they stick with for the rest of the game. The Albion Online team was determined to change this up, introducing this revolutionary. Players can learn about the series of spells the game offers (all items are player crafted and when players craft these items they get to choose from a variety of spells). The overall theme of the video highlights the true variety and freedom of Albion Online and the gameplay it has to offer for its players.

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