Albion Online Summer Alpha Launched Today

Berlin-based Sandbox Interactive has announced today the launch of the next closed alpha of their cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. Player may roam the medieval fantasy world, gather and trade the vast amounts of resources, forge armor and weapons and demonstrate their strategic abilities in an all-dynamic PvP setting.


For those who are interested in the closed alpha but haven’t received a key yet, may follow the start of the test on YouTube or Twitch instead. Throughout the alpha phase, there will be a special event for many of the live streamers and YouTubers alike, as they report live to you from what they’re playing and share their videos of their gaming sessions.

Furthermore, Sandbox Interactive entices you to check out the following two channels:

  1. Force Strategy Gaming
  2. Ellohime

During these streams, the developers will answer the players’ questions and will also be handing out alpha keys.

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