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Albion Online Summer Alpha Starts Today

Months after their first Alpha, Sandbox Interactive have opened their servers for the start of the Albion Online Summer Alpha today. Alpha starts at 12:00pm CEST (06:00am EDT). All Legendary Founders will be able to access and play the game.

Albion Online Summer Alpha

Since the Winter Alpha in January and February, a lot of things in Albion Online have been added or improved. Some highlights include:
Hellgates: enter hell dungeons and engage in tense PvE fights against the demons of hell as well as 5vs5 PvP battles
Missions & Factions: players can now do combat, crafting, gathering and transport missions for 4 of Albions factions in order to receive Silver and buy special faction gear
Anti-Zerg measures: groups larger than 5 now appear on the game’s minimap for easier recognition, new spells dealing higher damage the more targets are hit, hellgates only allow groups of 5 to enter a hell dungeon, etc.
For a full overview of all changes and new features for this Summer Alpha, Founder & CEO Stefan “Bercilak” Wiezorek has published a list in the Albion Online forum:

Interested players can join the Summer Alpha immediately by buying a Legendary Founder’s pack on the redesigned Albion Online website. After today, people with an Epic Founder’s pack will also be granted access from Tuesday, 30th of June, 12:00pm CEST (06:00am New York time). For pricing options, visit the official Albion Online Founder’s Pack page here.

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