Albion Online Talks Guild Warfare Season 4 Rewards

Bringing your guild into a fight against other guilds should be rewarding, and Guild Warfare season 4 in Albion Online looks to be precisely that. At least, if you’re the sort who would like to have a glowy rhino mount or want your guild commemorated in an in-game statue.

guild warfare season 4

For this season, guilds who make it to at least bronze rank will be eligible for unique rewards like the War Rhino epic mount pictured above. This big stompy friend exists in Tiers 5-8 and boasts high damage resistance, and will only be issued as a season 4 reward.

The end of season 4 will introduce the Conqueror’s Hall, a new shrine in the heart of Caerleon where monuments to the top three guilds of each season will be enshrined, including winners of the first three seasons. Winning guilds will get to customize their monuments, selecting which character will represent their guild.

Just bear in mind that to be eligible for the Guild Warfare rewards, you’ll need to have Premium status and be an active guild member for at least 75% of the season.

In order to drum up engagement, everyone who logs into Albion Online between now and September 26th will receive 7 days of free Premium and a 25% boost to gathering, crafting and PvE Fame earnings.

Our Thoughts

We have to admit, having your guild immortalized in an in-game statue is a pretty cool perk for being tops in the MMO’s Guild Warfare. Also, the mount for bronze tier is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Good luck to any guilds that take part in this season!

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