the mmo alpha and beta list Albion Online Teases January Content Update

Albion Online Teases January Content Update

Albion Online‘s first content update of 2016, and the second one in general, is on the horizon and it brings better Quality of Life features as well as additional content for players to enjoy. Titled Brutus, the update is set to hit the game later this month.

Albion Online Teases January Content Update

Sandbox Interactive says they mainly focused on the Quality of Life improvements with Brutus, which they’ve done by adding the repair all button. Additionally, players can use their guild ranks to set access rights. There’s also new spell targeting indicators that will you the range and direction of the spells you cast.

Brutus also brings the first set of changes to improve the user interface on PC. Though information on this is still very vague, it introduces a more small scale HUD. The content of the Brutus update is all under them of the Undead. Players will be able to explore two new dungeon types when the update hits. In these dungeon types, they’ll find new mobs, such as the Ghoul and Cursed Skeleton, and face two new bosses – the Governor and the Necromancer.

Other new features will be revealed in more details over the course of the coming weeks and more exciting stuff will come our way in the next months.


Our Thoughts

Though this info doesn’t tell us much, it does provide us with an overall impression of what the update is about. We can’t wait to see what the two new dungeon types hold in store for us!

Source: Albion Online Official Website

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