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Albion Online Winter Alpha Now Live

The Albion Online Winter Alpha test has officially launched. The new Alpha build brings a ton of new changes and updates. One of the most notable inclusions is the new farming system. There are tons of other huge changes in the new update. Some of the significant additions include new buildings, a ton of new weapon options and claimable PvP islands. A number of other quality of life and balance changes have also been applied to the game.

prospective players who wish to try the alpha and support Albion online can do so by purchasing a Founders Pack. Existing players can now recruit a friend to earn free additional founders packs for themselves. For more information on Albion Online winter alpha, please visit the official website.



  • Overhaul and re-balancing of weapons and spells, to improve overall balance and enjoyment.
  •  Dungeons will now be classified based on their size and difficulty, and a notice on the world map will inform players of the recommended group size for tackling a dungeon.
  • Resource nodes in the world now have a chance to become magical, providing magical resources which can increase the quality of items crafted from them.
  • New territory types for guilds to claim and control. This will hopefully increase turnover on territory ownership, making guild vs. guild play more accessible to more guilds.
  • Farming system- players can now breed and raise animals, cultivate crops and harvest their yield in order to produce food and consumables.
  • New Buildings- A variety of new buildings have been added to compliment the new farming system.
  • Players will now have the option to flag themselves as friendly or hostile in PvP areas.
  • New Weapons. A variety of new weapons and abilities have been added to the game.
  • Player and guild Islands. This will alleviate land problems and give players and guilds a home of their own.
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