Alien Threat in Elite Dangerous Possibly Coming Soon

Several distress calls and logs found by players have all hinted at a possible invasion as an alien threat in Elite Dangerous is potentially imminent.


Over the past several days, players have shared images of several distress calls and Tip Off messages that seem to indicate a hostile invasion. Ships have come under attack by an alien force that arrives without warning and vanishes without any trace other than wreckage. Popular opinion is that the game will introduce the return of the Thargoids, the regular threat that has plagued the Elite series for years.

While the vast majority of players have been making preparations to defend themselves, several players have chosen to make the initial contact with the aliens a peaceful one in hopes that developer Frontier will see that players want to interact with friendly alien forces. A group calling themselves the Myrmidons have even formed with plans to shield the alien arrival from hostile players, even if they are being attacked by the alien race themselves.

Our Thoughts

An alien invasion in to the space of Elite Dangerous sounds intriguing, but even more intriguing is the sect of players who desperately want to halt other players from shooting this new race on sight. As is often the case, the story being written by players is more interesting than the story being written by the game itself.

Your Thoughts

What do you think; do you believe the alien threat should be taken down, or do you side with players like the Myrmidons? Let us know in the comments.

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