Altis Gates Alpha Test codes sold on Ebay

Altis Gates:

Alpha Test Activation Codes Sold on Ebay

Altis Gates ( will have a special Alpha Test

release starting January 19th, 2010 at 8:00pmEST (GMT-5). This test is open exclusively to our various media partners, some seasoned veterans of the MMORPG scene and a few

other lucky players. Only 200 activation codes in all will be released for this event.

Recently, we’ve discovered that some players have been selling

their Altis Gates AT activation codes online. We have found out in our official forums that eager players have even paid as much as $115 to purchase these codes!

Although we welcome the enthusiasm of players willing to fork out so much dough for a short Alpha Test, it was not necessary! We distributed these

codes to players for FREE. We do not endorse or encourage the sale of these codes on ANY auction site or any other online medium. We also want to strongly emphasize our

distaste for players who do this and advise those looking for activation codes for future tests to contact us through official channels to obtain them.

Protect yourself against potential scammers!
All players keen on picking up an AT activation code are encouraged to participate in

our official AT activation giveaway event. You can find out more about this event at


EDITOR’S NOTE: MMOHub had 3 of

these ALPHA keys to give away and

target=”_blank”>we did so on our forums to our community!

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