I stayed up extra late for

you all, so when the clock struck midnight I could push these keys live to our favorite gamers!

The Alpha Promo was very intriguing. Our own writers participated

and one wrote a great preview of the game here.

Now Altis Gates has moved to the next level and is opening its doors for their first Closed Beta test
and you can join in by grabbing yourself a

href=”″ target=”_blank”>FREE Key right here BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!

/>About Altis Gates
Altis Gates is a turn-based 2.5D fantasy MMORPG. The game is being developed by a talented team led by
the leading developer of a game

that once reached 2 million concurrent users in China. The Altis Gates
dev team has introduced groundbreaking diversification to the game, making it the only current

game to
allow players to shift shape at their whim.

Altis Gates is set in an ancient world of European stories and legends. The stories are set in the

/>land of Altis, a world that takes design cues from European classical architecture, with a modern
twist. Within the world of Altis live 3 races divided among 14

classes for players to choose from.
For more information about Altis Gates, please check out the official site


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