Altis Gates Guilds Recruiting for Closed Beta

Altis Gates

Guilds Recruiting for Closed Beta

IGG latest magical offering, Altis Gates,

recently closed the curtains on their short Alpha Test, to much applause. Both the representatives of media sites and the veteran players that were specially invited had a lot

of positive feedback for the Altis Gates team. With the AT concluded, their attention is now focused on the Closed Beta test, specifically the big guilds that will provide the

intense competition that this new title thrives on.

Guild recruitment has started on January 25th, 2010, EST (GMT-5) and will continue

through till February 11th. Throughout this period, the Altis Gates team will be encouraging guild leaders to submit applications for CB activation keys. During the CB

itself, all the guilds will be ranked according to the sum of the character levels of all their members. This ranking table will be refreshed every 4 days, and at the end of

the CB, the top ranked guilds will be rewarded with some fancy prizes for the Open Beta test.

The rewards for the top 10 guilds will be large Guild

Bundles that can be redeemed when the OB starts. Each member of the winning guilds will receive 5 Treasure Maps, 2 Power Crystals and 2 Crystals of Attack. The higher the

final ranking of the guild, the better the items! Guild leaders will also get some exclusive prizes for their work in leading the guild to the top of the rankings!

For some

target=”_blank”>images and Screenshots from the upcoming (we’re talking days here!) Closed Beta of AG, go

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