Amazon Game Studios Lineup Includes a Sandbox MMO

After weeks of speculation and rumor, Amazon have created a website announcing the first games in its Amazon Game Studios lineup: an online arena game, a survival-style title and a sandbox MMORPG title.


Titled New World, the studio’s first MMO game describes itself as “a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox game set in a living, cursed land”. The game lists features such as open-ended gameplay that lets players work solo or with others, open PvP elements and an open world that changes based on weather, seasons and time of day. The title also boasts a level of “deep Twitch integration” that allows broadcasters to lead events along with offering achievements and rewards.

The other two games announced are Breakaway, a 4v4 online brawler that pits teams of mythical warriors against each other to control a Relic, and Crucible, an sci-fi themed online survival title to determine the last person standing.

All three games are currently in development, with only Breakaway offering its own unique website full of details on the game, its early roster and features. New World and Crucible both are offering newsletter sign-ups on the Amazon Game Studios announcement site.

Our Thoughts

All three of these titles sound incredibly promising, but we’re very obviously most intrigued by New World and its open world. The fact that all three titles somehow integrate Twitch streaming heralds the new era of shared gameplay experience, and the features in the company’s inaugural lineup makes Amazon Game Studios a studio to watch very closely. We can’t wait to learn more!

Your Thoughts

What do you think of the offerings from Amazon Game Studios? Are you more interested in one game among the three, or are you excited to learn about all of them? Are you already drawing comparisons and waiting on the fence? Give us your opinions and thoughts on this news below!

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