Americans gave estimated $30 million in Virtual Gifts

Why the Empty Stockings? Americans Gave an Estimated $30 Million In Virtual Gifts this Holiday Season, According to Digital Goods

Purveyor, PlaySpan

(SANTA CLARA, CA) —œ January 12, 2010 —œ PlaySpan, the global leader in monetization solutions for online

games, virtual worlds, and social networks, and issuer of three digital goods reports in 2009, today provides an estimate for what is expected to be the largest virtual goods

gift giving season on record.

The company that empowers digital goods for over 1,000 online games, virtual worlds, and social networking

applications projects that Americans spent an estimated $30 million on virtual gifts this past holiday season, November and December 2009.


According to Inside Virtual Goods: Tracking the US Virtual Goods Market 2009-2010, the digital goods business in the U.S. is projected at $1B in 2009. PlaySpanâ

€™s own internal survey also found that one in five of its digital goods buyers also gave virtual gifts. About 15% of all virtual gift giving occurred during the November and

December months. These estimates project that $30m of digital goods were given as virtual gifts during the holiday season.

PlaySpan research

also found that nearly 1 in 12 Americans purchased a digital good in 2009, with the average price of a virtual gift estimated around $3 per transaction.


“The holiday season delivered a spike to our marketplace and according to our data, other digital goods companies reaped the benefits of increased consumer

interest in virtual gifting. The visible effect is that there were a few more empty stockings and missing presents under the tree this year, and we expect this to be a growing

trend over the next few holidays,” said Eric Hartness, Chief Marketing Officer of PlaySpan.

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