Angels Online: New Skills for New Adventures

Angels Online: New

Skills for New Adventures

The Floating Island upgrade for IGG Angels Online introduces new and more dangerous challenges. Fortunately for players, the

tutors of the Angel Lyceum are offering new skills for each class.

Imposing Spells for Magic Users

Defensive Wall surrounds a Life Mage

nearby teammates with a protective wall of light blessed by God, greatly increasing all their physical and spell defense abilities for 30 minutes.

Cloud Burst

gathers the water vapor from vast clouds to create a sudden burst of energy that increases the caster critical strike chance.

Shining Skills for Fighters

Revolving Swords is a short-range AOE ability. Swords begin swirling from every direction around the caster, slashing enemies nearby and possibly slowing

their attack speed. With this skill added to their arsenal, players can better protect themselves from enemies while unleashing powerful attacks.

Heave Crack is

another short-range AOE ability. It splits the ground with a deafening “crack,” throwing rocks and debris at targeted enemies with a chance to reduce the target armor.

Only the powerful Warrior players can use this skill.

Chaotic Snipe rains countless magic arrows down upon the target location, seriously injuring any enemies in

the area. In addition to the damage inflicted, this ability can also prevent enemies from moving.

These skills are just one part of the exciting new content

waiting for players in Angels Online.

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