Anthem Demo Dates Announced

If all you’ve wished for this Christmas were the Anthem demo start dates then you are in luck. The game’s executive producer Michael Gamble announced them on his personal Twitter account late last night. For those who are VIPs, that’s the people bought the Legion of the Dawn edition or the Standard edition of Anthem the demo will be live on January 25th. If you have a subscription with EA Access on Xbox One or Origin Access on PC you’re also a VIP.


If you aren’t included in the list of people above for reasons like having a PS4 instead of Xbox One or you haven’t pre-ordered the game you will still get to take part in the Anthem demo, but you’ll have to wait until February 1st. Just under a week, not too bad really.

You can still pre-order the game if you want to take part in the upcoming Anthem demo. Michael Gamble confirmed on Twitter that it would still count and you would still be able to play. So, if you really, REALLY need to try it out you know what you need to do.

On Twitter Gamble also said that the demo is more of a stress test than a playtest. Considering Anthem releases on February 22nd this makes a lot of sense. There isn’t much time for big fixes or gameplay changes. The game is basically how it will be when it launches.

Just in case you missed it Anthem also released the official 2018 Game Awards trailer. You can see that below.

There weren’t any new details about the game released but it as the date approaches we wouldn’t be surprised if more information came out. For now, keep an eye on Michael Gamble’s Twitter account, the official Anthem social media channels. Once again, the dates to remember are January 25th for VIP, February 1st for everyone else, and launch of February 22nd.


Source: Twitter

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