Anthem Lead Animator Leaves BioWare

We’re however many months away from seeing more concrete information on Anthem, the multiplayer sci-fi action shooter from BioWare, but there has been a shift in the game’s development team. Steven Gilmour, the Anthem lead animator, has left his position in BioWare according to his LinkedIn profile.

anthem lead animator

According to the profile, Gilmour worked on Anthem as its lead animator between December of 2014 and August of this year. His previous credits include lead animation duties for games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Bryan “BioAdmiralX” Johnson, a senior QA analyst at BioWare, responded to a Reddit thread making mention of Gilmour’s departure, stating that people shouldn’t try to overthink the matter. “Generally speaking of course we are sad when people leave, and we no longer get the opportunity to work with them. But no company is without turnover, even senior people it happens,” writes Johnson. “I know it’s easy to look for any details to determine what is going on when there is little news, but I would say don’t read into departures too much.”

Meanwhile, Anthem’s director Jonathan Warner has stated that the game will get a beta at some point, with only mention of that beta being “some distance out” according to a tweet reply back in September.

Our Thoughts

We’re willing to not leap to conclusions regarding Mr. Gilmour’s departure, particularly considering that he appears to be the only lead developer that has left Anthem mid-development. That said, we’re most certainly among those who are hoping for much more concrete information on this game soon. We also would like to wish Mr. Gilmour the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Sources: LinkedIn, Anthem subreddit, Twitter

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