ARK: Aberration Expansion Gets a Release Date

It’s already rough enough waking up in a place where you’re trying to survive against possibly hostile dinosaurs and humans, but what if that location is also bombarded with radiation and host to mutant creatures? This is the world of the ARK: Aberration expansion, and that world’s arrival has been officially dated.

ark: aberration

As the name suggests, the Aberration expansion will feature all sorts of unnatural critters from the friendly to the ferocious, including the light-granting Lantern Pug; the tameable Rock Drake that climbs walls, glides through the air, and even camouflages itself; and the Reaper Queen which – if you manage to tame one – can infect foes with a chest-bursting critter.

On top of the many creatures that roam this new waste, players will also have to contend with environmental hazards like radiation exposure, earthquakes, and gas leaks among others. Luckily, there’s also over 50 new items to craft to help traverse the Ark, including gliding wingsuits, HAZMAT suits, railguns, batteries and more. You’ll need these tools to explore Aberration’s landscape, which features vast underground biomes to explore.

ARK: Aberration will be available on Tuesday, December 12th on all platforms. The expansion is priced at $19.99 as a stand-alone purchase or included for free if you’ve bought the Explorer’s Edition or are a Season Pass owner. There are also a number of Black Friday sales for the base game and its other expansions if one is so interested.

A trailer for ARK: Aberration can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Lantern Pug is probably the best illustration of just how unique and how remarkable ARK: Aberration appears to be. This is a map type that really pushes the bar for ARK in creativity and we hope that it also is just as fun to play as it is to watch in action.

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