ARK: Survival Evolved Introduces Doedicurus

Just last week, the Gigantopithecus was introduced in ARK: Survival Evolved, and now another creature has entered the game: the armadillo-like Doedicurus. Race through the game on your rolling, shell-shocked Doedicurus and explore the world in a rapid pace.


The Doedicurus is a handy creature to have, as it can efficiently harvest stone on an industrial scale. It also has tremendous defensive protection because of its hard shell, in which it will retreat once it feels threatened. Most importantly however, when riding it, you can enter “shell-charge” mode  and roll through the ARK as a hardened, nearly indestructible ball – keyword being nearly. This ability is obviously fantastic if you need to close in on an enemy quickly, but it’s also great for just plowing through them like a bowling ball, making the Doedicurus fun for the whole tribe.

Studio Wildcard also adds a modern Spray Painting item for rapid panting of structures in today’s ARK update, as well as a mysterious “Plant Species X” that you can farm in a crop plot and which will defend your base with vicious stinging spores. If you want to see the Doedicurus in action, you can roll through it (get it, roll like the Doedicurus?), in the video below:

Source: Press Release

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