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ARK: Survival Evolved Introduces Gallimimus and New Items

Studio Wildcard has released a significant update for dinosaur survival game ARK: Survival Evolved. The new update introduces the Gallimimus, an exceptionally fast new dinosaur, along with new weapons and other changes.



Although scientists are relatively certain that the actual Gallimimus was an omnivore, the ARK: Survival Evolved version of the dinosaur is a herbivore which can run very, very quickly and which can carry up to three riders in a special saddle. The Gallimimus is the fastest dinosaur in the game, and between its speed and jumping ability, it is intended as a scouting and reconnaissance dino.

Along with the new speed demon dino, the update introduces a number of new items and optomizations. A new SWAT style armor tier has been introduced to expand on the protective options available to players. A new weapon, the electro prod stunner, has also been added. Lastly, a greenhouse has been added to the available in game structures, which provides “plant growing benefits”. Some quality of life improvements made to the game in this update include better save and load times and special name tags for members of administrative and testing teams.


Our Thoughts:

Dinosaurs are just fun. Yes, the Gallimimus is basically an 8 meter long chicken which would far more likely eat a human than allow itself to be ridden by one, but it’s a videogame, and well, a dinosaur. Therefore, fun. Updates are good. Updates that bring new toys and quality of life improvements for players are even better.

Source: Press Release

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