ARK: Survival Evolved Introduces the Hard-Headed Pachy

In Studio Wildcard’s continuous effort to expand the diversity of lifeforms on ARK: Survival Evolved, comes forth the next creature to add to the library of dinosaur dossiers; the hard-charging, bone-headed Pachycephalosaurus. Otherwise known as Pachy, players will be able to find him hanging out within the Jungles and Grasslands once they have updated the game.


The rather slender Pachy is a nimble creature. It’s a herbivore that is quite easy to tame, with a singularly exceptional ability: it can execute a “charge” attack that rapidly builds speed, and the harder it hits anything with its bone-plated spiked skill, the more “torpor”-inducing damage it causes. It can also charge straight through structures with this powerful attack, making it your best ally if you want execute a quick KO on your enemy. You can see Pachy live in action in the Pachycephalosaurus Spotlight video below. May I just say that it reminds me of Rampardos from Pokémon?

Also in this update, among many new features, Studio Wildcard has added a Raft to explore the oceans and live a life at sea, and a massive new system for building structures on top of large platforms, including mobile Bronto bases that provide Tribes with tremendous new tactical possibilities.

You better not cry when Pachy runs into you with its spiked head, cause it truly means well. Have fun taming this charging beast!

Source: Press Release

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