ARK: Survival Evolved to Launch PvP Conquest Servers

Sure, dinosaurs are pretty dangerous, but what about the most dangerous creature of all: the PvP’er? That’s the threat that’s being heralded when ARK: Survival Evolved launches its PvP Conquest servers in a few days’ time.

conquest pvp servers

These new official PvP-focused servers will house up to 100 players per world and let those players form tribes as large as 25. The Conquest servers will also feature doubled gain rates for taming, gathering and XP in order to facilitate tribal warfare.

The regular Community Crunch newsletter expanded on the press release we received, noting that there will be 36 total servers within the cluster and all map types will be available. Transfers between servers within the cluster will also be enabled.

These new Conquest servers will go live on Steam this coming Friday, September 28th. PS4 and Xbox One players will also be getting their own Conquest servers, but the announcement didn’t specify a time frame other than Soon™.

Our Thoughts

For those who want to be part of large-scale tribal warfare, these new servers sound like the perfect place to be. Four tribes of 25 players duking it out in the jungles or wastes of ARK sounds like a pretty harrowing time to us and we hope the PvP-minded Survivors have a good time.

Sources: press release, official site

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