ARK: Survival Evolved Gets its Nintendo Switch Launch Date

The popular Nintendo Switch console already knew it was some ARK: Survival Evolved, but now we know when. Yes, the ARK: Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch launch date has been officially announced by Studio Wildcard.

ark: survival evolved switch launch date

Fans of survival sandbox gaming and handheld gaming can survive the Ark this coming Friday, November 30th. The game will arrive both in retail and the eShop, and will have the full game’s compliment of 100+ critters from the T-Rex to the Yeti, along with all of the crafting elements from the very bottom to the top of Tek.

There really isn’t much else to discuss regarding this game’s arrival to the system beyond mentioning its price of $49.99 and to direct your eyeballs to a new live-action announcement trailer, which is embedded below.

Our Thoughts

It still surprises us that a game as vast as ARK: Survival Evolved can fit inside of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware, but we also suspect that this version of the game probably takes a hit in visual fidelity, which will likely be a sore point or (worse yet) a balking point for many. Still, we’re always glad to see MMOs and multiplayer games expanding their horizons and wish Nintendo Switch fans a good time once the game goes live.

Source: press release

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