ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox Servers

ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox Servers Added

The Xbox One community of ARK: Survival Evolved will soon see some issues resolved, as Studio Wildcard has announced a fresh batch of official new servers for the console version of the game via their Twitter account. With the number of servers increased, it’ll (greatly) reduce the wait time for all players.


Extra servers have kind of been a necessary thing lately, with the game downloaded over 1 million times already since its release on December 16th. The Xbox One version also reportedly has a higher number of daily players than its PC equivalent, so it’s no surprise that Studio Wildcard is hoping to make the gameplay experience a little bit more pleasant by adding some extra servers.

There’s plenty more in store for the Xbox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved as well, with a local split-screen feature coming early this year. This feature, while dropped in several big titles, will give ARK that extra edge over other multiplayer survival games.


Our Thoughts

There’s a reason ARK: Survival Evolved is so popular on both PC and Xbox One. Its stunning graphics and awesome multiplayer gameplay experience definitely have something to do with that, but we also think Studio Wildcard’s fast response to issues has something to do with its continuous popularity. Let’s hope these extra servers will decrease the lag experienced by some.

Source: VG247

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