ARK v255 Console Update Arrives Today

PC players have had some time with the recent update to ARK: Survival Evolved, and now it’s time for PS4 and Xbox One players to have a go: The ARK v255 console update is going live, bringing the new TEK Tier equipment and a selection of giant creatures that would love to eat you.

ark v255 console update

As with the PC update back in February, v255 adds in four new creatures on land and under the water, over 30 new Explorer Notes, a couple of new TEK Tier items in the form of Autodoors and a Forcefield, and new customization options for hair and beards.

The update will also bring improved server stability to the game as well as an increased per-Tribe Dino Taming limit of up to 500. The tameable creatures limit will also be shown on the game’s HUD.

PlayStation 4 players can download ARK v255 now, while Xbox One players will get the update “very, very soon”. The update is free in both cases. In case you missed the original trailer for the new content, you can check it out again below.

Our Thoughts

We’ve seen the trailer before, but it never really fails to impress how Studio Wildcard likes to have fun with what could otherwise be called a “serious” game. We hope that console players of ARK: Survival Evolved enjoy the new content.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of ARK v255? Have you played the content on the PC or have you been waiting for the console release? What do you think about the new creatures and new TEK? Let us know in the comments.

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