Armored Warfare Arrives on Steam’s online tank combat title has made its way to the platform that a whole lot of other PC games are on now. In other words, an Armored Warfare Steam release has been officially announced along with a new update that features a new map, new features, and more.

armored warfare steam

The update in question is called “The Art of War” and features a new map set in the rural part of southern China, as well as a selection of new Chinese vehicles to choose from such as the Zhang Feng Main Battle Tank, the Tier 9 Type 99A1, and the Tier 10 Type 99A2.

The update will also introduce an update to the Commander System, which promises “a more complex, sophisticated system” that will let players better customize their Commander to suit their chosen playstyle.

The update will also offer improved graphics, a new version of the Waterway map specifically designed for the game’s Global Operations mode, and adjustments to vehicle mechanics. More details can be read on the website and a new trailer for the Art of War update is available below.

Our Thoughts

Expanding any multiplayer game, as ever, is going to be a good idea, and it sounds like the Art of War update will be making some much-needed and desired changes to Armored Warfare. We hope new and existing players are looking forward to the update.

Source: press release

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