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Armored Warfare’s Second Early Access Playtest Coming June 10th

I hope you’re ready for some more vehicle combat goodness because Armored Warfare’s second Early Access test is coming up on June 10th with a new map and 7 new vehicles.

Armored Warfare

Due to last for two weeks, ending on June 24th, players will be able to continue their progress from Armored Warfare’s first Early Access test at the following times:

EU Server:
5pm – 9pm CEST on weekdays
4pm – 10pm CEST on weekends

NA Server:
7pm – 11pm EST on weekdays
6pm – midnight EST on weekends

Please note: these timeframes are not final and may be extended to up to 24 hours of testing at any point during the Early Access 2 phase.

Take a look at this brand new trailer for Armored Warfare’s Roughneck map which players will have the opportunity to battle within during this Early Access test for the first time.

On top of the new map, this Early Access test will bring optimization improvements for lower end machines and balance updates as a result of player feedback, so keep that coming as the development team will continue to listen and implement tweaks and fixes where possible.

Sign up for Early Access now at Armored Warfare’s website or purchase a Founder’s Pack for guaranteed access to all future Early Access play tests.


Source: Press release

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