Ashes of Creation Details its Grouping Systems

In the first of a planned two-part blog series, Ashes of Creation group dynamics have been elaborated upon by the devs. The blog touches on planned group sizes, how loot rules will work, and perhaps most importantly, group roles.

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According to the post, Ashes of Creation party sizes will be big, with a planned minimum party size of eight players. The large number is serving a purpose other than sheer scale, as eight player groups offer opportunities for group content to be creative and grant each Archetype a chance to become valuable to dungeon exploration. The devs want well-rounded parties to be rewarded, though they also recognize the technical and balance challenges eight-player groups can bring.

Loot rules will be tried-and-true, with options for Lootmaster, Round Robin, or Need/Greed to be implemented. The devs are also considering including a bidding system where group members can bid gold for certain drops. All gold from these in-group auctions would be collected in a pot that gets distributed evenly amongst the party members.

As for roles, Ashes of Creation will have a Holy Trinity, but also will introduce an Augments system that will let players either introduce additional utility to their character or double down on their primary role. “A tank might be able to make a wall, blocking monsters into an area where only he can be hit. A damage specialist might have skills that create weaknesses in their enemy,” reads the post. “We want the role you play to actually influence your allies and the enemies in the world around you.”

Our Thoughts

There’s a lot of “we’d like” and “we want” in this post, which obviously sounds very good but doesn’t really broach the question of how these systems will work or how they’ll play in people’s hands. Of course, there’s still time to answer those questions as development continues. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how group content works in the game.

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