Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Campaign Begins

If you’ve been eyeing the upcoming sandbox MMO, then today is the day. The Ashes of Creation Kickstarter has officially…well, kicked off! Intrepid Studios has opened up its crowdfunding site in the hopes that backers will offer up support for the studio’s vision.

ashes of creation kickstarter

The Kickstarter page features a fair amount of buzzwords that we’ve all experienced from MMO crowdfunding pages before – “consequence”, “choice”, “build your world” – but offers up some more detail of the upcoming MMO, including several lore pieces about the game’s eight races and briefs on the eight Archetypes. A video at the top of the page also provides more information on the game.

Support tiers arrive in 10 different levels ranging in price from $25 to $10k. Tiers offer an expected variety of rewards such as alpha and beta access, while other rewards include unique items such as Monster Tokens that will let a player transform into creatures in the game’s Event System.

Intrepid Studios is looking to raise $750k over 31 days. You can check out the official Kickstarter page for more details.

Our Thoughts

We’ve been following this one pretty closely and have had the opportunity to speak with the devs before about how they want to build Ashes of Creation, and many of the systems being worked on all sound very compelling. It would seem many people feel much the same way as the fund has already raised over $200k at the time of this writing. We’re looking forward to seeing more from this one!

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