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Ashes of Creation Nodes Detailed in Blog Post

When MMO players see the term “node”, a lot of things can come to mind, and usually those things relate to gathering or crafting. Ashes of Creation Nodes, however, are entirely different beasts as explained in the latest developer blog on the subject.

ashes of creation nodes

Nodes in Ashes of Creation are described as a pre-set location that lets towns form in the game, and come in one of four types: Military, Divine, Economic, and Scientific. From a small camp to a massive city, Nodes grow through players gaining experience, crafting, or performing other actions within an area around the Node referred to as a Zone of Influence. While players can’t individually determine where a Node lies, they can own parts of land within or modify building types and services if a player is part of the Node’s government.

Nodes not only provide a communal effort but can also influence the greater story of Ashes of Creation as well. Town locations will have an effect on which raid boss appears, which dungeons are available, which quest lines become unlocked, and how the tale of the server will play out. Additionally, the devs expect that Nodes that want to grow further but are impeded by a nearby Node’s growth will seed conflict.

The Node system in Ashes of Creation is the driving factor for how life in the game will play out and offers players the power of choice. “Players run the government, players conduct trade, and players own the land,” explains the post. “Ultimately, Nodes are what you make of them.”

A video talking about Nodes can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

The concept of Nodes sounds like a perfect combination of sandbox MMO freedom with important restrictions to let community efforts form organically. Of course, this is all purely on paper and without any player interaction yet. That said, the Nodes system is definitely an intriguing concept.

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