Ashes of Creation Tours the UnderRealm

What’s a good way to get your underground zone to sound super fantastical? Why, change the capitalization of two standard words while mooshing them into one word! Also, populate it with a lot of really fascinating flora and fauna. Welcome to the Ashes of Creation UnderRealm.

ashes of creation underrealm

The UnderRealm is, as its name suggests, the underground realm of the word of Ashes of Creation. Entering this ethereal world reveals caverns teeming with a broad variety of unique life, including living mushroom creatures and very glowy cats.

According to the description of the video, the footage is a pre-alpha version of the UnderRealm zone, with the team described as being “in full production” to put together the game’s world of Verra. The video’s pinned message also states that the lifting of NDA on Alpha Zero means we can expect more peeks at pre-alpha development. “The team is continuing to work hard at bringing Ashes to life for all to enjoy,” reads the comment. “We love your passion and feedback and cannot wait to see you all in game!”

You can take in all of the bioluminescence your eyeballs can stand in the video footage below.

Our Thoughts

Underwhelming naming conventions aside, the UnderRealm is a really gorgeous area, especially for one being described as in a pre-alpha state! We’re very curious to know how adventures in Ashes of Creation will lead to this dream-like region of the game’s world.

Source: YouTube

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