Atlantica Online

Atlantica EU gets an English Version and includes New Class and Zone

Nexon Europe has announced that their free-to-play fantasy turn-based MMORPG called Atlantica will be available in English on April 9th. Currently players in EU were only able to play on French or German versions of the game. As a added bonus, Nexon has decided to introduce a new class as well. Featuring Belissa, the Tribal Huntress. She will be a new character available to all players who have reached level 30. This new champion boasts a high attack and accuracy levels when using her trusty bow, she is able to strike three opponents with just one arrow! New and old players will appreciate the work put into Belissa, Atlantica is definitely worth a look if you haven’t played it for a while or looking for a new game to pick up.

Atlantica Online

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Besides the completely new class, players will be able to explore a new continent as well! Enter South America, where you can work together with Mayas, Incas and other tribesmen indigenous to this far away foreign land. This new continent will be complete with new dungeons to explore for level 30 to 60 players. Delve deep into dungeons such as Chicen Itza, Machu Picchu and El Dorado.

Atlantica Online

Chichen Itza!

Besides all this content, a rank 5 Mercenary called Quilla will aid players through the new Raid Dungeon Golden Empire Defence at higher levels.

“The German and French servers are a huge success, and we are looking forward to expanding our game to the rest of Europe.” says Marc Mehlitz, Product Manager of Nexon Europe. “The pleasure that comes from making games like Atlantica, comes to fruition when we put together so many enthusiastic players in one fantasy world. We are excited to announce the launch of the English server in Europe, current players as well as newcomers will be delighted with this new content update.”

Check out their new class and zone reveal down here!

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