Atlas Reactor Details Anniversary Goodies and Season 4

Earlier this week, we got a look at just what players have been doing for Atlas Reactor’s first year. On the official date of the Atlas Reactor anniversary, we can now confirm what freebies fans can expect as well as learn more about what’s new for Season 4.

atlas reactor anniversary

Everyone who logs in between now and Monday, October 9th can get a commemorative Banner emblem, a unique emoji, Lancer XP boosts, and the Freelancers Asana, Blackburn, and Helio, along with unique skins and Loot Matrices for each. Players will also be able to rake in double the Flux from October 6th through the 8th.

If one is so moved by the anniversary spirit to buy stuff, Atlas Reactor will also be offering 50% discounts on Freelancer, GG, and Loot Matrix packs along with a 50% discount on every skin available.

Season 4 is also set to kick off on Tuesday, October 10th. This season will focus on the theme of “trust” and will also introduce adjustments meant to make the season a tighter experience; instead of chapters, players can expect seasonal lore and missions to arrive weekly, while challenges will be replaced by pop-up Alerts that offer a timed window to earn bonuses and rewards.

Details on everything shaking down for Atlas Reactor year one, season four, and the game’s Halloween can be found on the Atlas Reactor website.

Our Thoughts

Just as before – and more accurately this time around – happy first anniversary to Atlas Reactor! We hope fans will enjoy the free goodies and the adjustments being made to the game’s fourth season.

Source: press release

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