Attack on Titan Event Comes to MapleStory

If you’re an anime fan, you might really like what Nexon has been doing as of late. It started with Sword Art Online in Mabinogi and MapleStory. Nexon Continues its trend of anime crossovers with an Attack on Titan event for MapleStory. Players Level 33 or above will have the opportunity to fight alongside their favorite characters from the Anime. Join Eren Jaeger, Annie Leonhart and others, as you fight to survive the titan invasion. It is unknown at this time if we will see a similar crossover for other Nexon products, but seeing as Mabinogi’s slogan is “Your Anime Life”, it seems likely.

For more information on the Attack of Titan crossover for Maplestory, please visit the official website.


During this themed event, MapleStory players will have the chance to:

  • Fight against a gigantic humanoid – the Colossal Titan –who has appeared in the south of Shinganshina District
  • Dress as a member of the Scout Regiment, a group of expeditionary soldiers looking for information on the origins of the Titans. Players can complete the outfit with their own omni-directional mobility gear, which provides the ability to jump onto walls, trees or nearby buildings to attack Titans
  • Earn unique medals, chairs, outfits and totems
  • Engage in multiple Attack on Titan story episodes, including escaping Titans in an obstacle map and training in various minigames
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