Bandai Namco Announces Bless Unleashed for Xbox One

If you were among those who thought that Bless Online should be a thing on consoles, then Bandai Namco has your back. The company has officially entered the console MMORPG market with their Bless Unleashed announcement, bringing the game’s signature combat to the Xbox One.

bless unleashed announcement

The announcement offers a general synopsis of what Bless Unleashed will be offering, but it all sounds pretty much part and parcel with the PC version. The announcement promises combo-driven mechanics, an open world, five classes, and PvE and PvP gameplay, all in an Unreal Engine 4 shell.

Bandai’s senior director of online publishing In Joon Hwang appears very excited for his company to enter the console MMORPG space. “Bless Unleashed is a game that takes the gameplay depth and community of an MMORPG and sets itself apart to create a new console RPG experience,” said Hwang in a statement. “Every aspect, from the story to the combat, to the skill progression has been carefully crafted to portray a new console MMORPG experience.”

Bless Unleashed will be releasing free-to-play on Xbox One sometime in 2019, with no word on whether a PS4 version will be arriving or if there will be any cross-platform support. If you happen to be attending PAX West, a hands-on demo will be available at booths 2323 and 2335.

Our Thoughts

The folks at Neowiz have been very good at keeping this piece of information under wraps, as we did not see this announcement coming whatsoever. We are very curious to know if Xbox One players are going to be interested in trying out Bless on their console or if PC players who feel burned by the early access PC game will attempt to poison the well against this new title. Ideally, that won’t be the case, because the combat of Bless definitely lends itself to a console experience.

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