Battalion 1944’s Latest Update Changes Pretty Much Everything

Apparently, the fans of Battalion 1944 were looking for a complete overhaul of the online shooter and, if the details of Battalion 1944 Major Update 2 are to be believed, the folks at Bulkhead Interactive have delivered in spades. New graphics, new progression and an improved core game mode have all dropped into the WWII-era classic FPS.

battalion 1944 major update 2

Visually speaking, players of the game should see performance boosts across the board along with improved character movement, new character models and a host of other graphics updates. Targets also have improved hitboxes, while weapons have seen a complete rebalance and improved hit detection.

Battalion’s new update has also introduced a totally reworked edition of the Wartide game mode. Handily called Wartide 2.0, the mode now promises solid comeback mechanics based on a team-based economy system which sounds a bit like a refined version of CS:GO’s economy system.

Players can now earn BattleRank, which operates much like a battle pass system but is included free of charge. Players earn BattleRank via XP earnings for playing in matches and will see a variety of rewards over the course of seasons that run for approximately three months.

This update is also bringing improvements to the game’s maps including added verticality along with a new map set in Italy; a new VoIP system; revisions to sound effects and the game’s HUD and UI; new weapons; and fixes to the “Corner Jump meta” along with other bug fixes. The complete changelog can be found here and a trailer heralding all the new stuff is below.

Our Thoughts

Sometimes going back to basics is a welcome thing, but that doesn’t mean a game can’t still improve. To that point, we hope that all of the changes made to Battalion 1944 are to the liking of this particular FPS game’s fans…because, seriously, it sounds like a lot of work went into this update.

Source: press release

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