Battle for Azeroth Will Merge Character Prestige Levels

Say you’re an altoholic who loves to PvP but you’re not the kind of person who likes to climb the Prestige ladder for every member of your roster. Well, have no fear, because Battle for Azeroth Prestige Levels will be taking all of those Prestige Level earnings and smooshing them into one account-wide number.

battle for azeroth prestige levels

In a pair of tweets from the Warcraft devs, it was confirmed that every earned Prestige Level for your characters will merge into one account-bound number. As a given example: you have three characters who are Prestige Level 4, then that makes your account Prestige Level 12.

What does this mean for any cosmetics you’ve unlocked as a result of those Prestige rewards? Those will be available account-bound as well. Unlocking an appearance that requires an account-bound Prestige Level will grant that appearance to every character on your account.

Our Thoughts

We suspect that these revelations will make lots and lots of World of Warcraft players very pleased. As fun as PvP might be for some, having to make each and every character climb up the ladder individually must have been a pretty significant slog. We’d love to hear your impressions on these reveals, so feel free to provide your thoughts in the comments below.

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