Battle For Azeroth Pre-Patch and warbringers

Battle For Azeroth Pre-Patch is Live Today

Night Elves the world over prepare to go into mourning with Battle For Azeroth’s pre-patch launch. If you’ve been living under a rock until now, you’ll want to stay tuned because there’s a fair bit changing today, and some of us are still not ready. Thankfully we have a little more time to prepare but for many of the game’s mechanical changes, it’s time to roll!

Warbringers Animated Shorts

I’m going to begin with the Warbringers animated shorts Blizzard announced yesterday for Sylvanas, Jaina, and Azshara, three huge female leaders within World of Warcraft who will feature majorly in Battle For Azeroth. This short trailer hints at the stories to come, which will come in the form of animated shorts like those we saw pre-Legion.

The Burning of Teldrassil

You would be forgiven for assuming that the events coming to Teldrassil and Lordaeron were arriving with today’s patch but that is not the case. In fact, these events will begin the week of July 24th, continuing for the following three weeks right up until the release of Battle For Azeroth. War is coming, just not today.

Character Customizations

With Allied Races came many lore-based race customization queries. As of today, Orcs have a new posture option allowing them to stand tall, Blood Elves have access to golden eyes as they are no longer powered by the Fel energies that turned them green in the first place, as well as some new facial options, and all players can now change their skin color at the Barber Shop, at long last.

Class Changes

Perhaps the biggest change with today’s Battle For Azeroth pre-patch is the stat squish, reducing numbers on item level, damage, health, armor, and defense in order to make numbers a little more reasonable (Wowhead has a decent rundown of the exact numbers if you’re interested), as well as the final death knell for our Artifacts. With this update, your Artifact weapons’ power is depleted, with many of their powers that may leave certain classes feeling somewhat “broken” being shifted into your class specs. Naturally, this means a lot for various classes and all talents have been refunded for all specs as a result, so do make sure to take a look at your build before you venture out into the world! We would be here all day if I were to list every change, however, so make sure to check out the official post for more information on the changes to each individual class because you will want to go in at least somewhat prepared.

War Mode and PvP

Ah yes! War Mode brings some very interesting changes to how World PvP will work in World of Warcraft going forwards. To put it simply: all servers are PvE by default now, but if you want to risk World PvP you can now enable War Mode, no matter which server your characters are on. This brings some pretty enticing bonuses, too. In short, you can use your PvP talents out in the world, you will receive an experience bonus while leveling, as well as extra gold and Resources from World Quests. You can activate War Mode from level 20 onwards in Orgrimmar or Stormwind in the talent pane and toggle it off at any time in the same way.

Also notable for PvP players today are changes to many PvP talents across the board, as well as your Legion PvP progress becoming account-wide Honor levels, the end of the final season of Legion ranked PvP, and the removal of Strand of the Ancients and Ashran from the game.

Social Features and Legacy Loot

Communities are arriving with today’s patch, allowing you to both create and join a variety of cross-realm social groups not too dissimilar to Final Fantasy XIV’s Linkshells. That being said, many are drawing comparisons with Discord with today’s arrival of Voice Chat which is available in all groups, Guilds, and Communities, just remember to ask permission before selecting that headset icon to begin a voice conversation!

As for Legacy Loot, as of today if you enter an instance and your character is 10 levels or higher above the content’s maximum level, Legacy Loot rules will be turned on automatically. This simply means that loot will drop as though you are with a full party or raid at the instance’s level, meaning a celebration for all transmog farmers.


Our Thoughts

All in all, there’s a lot to take in with today’s patch. There’s already a lot to play around with, even without the Teldrassil and Lordaeron events being available just yet. I’m personally looking forward to getting Leap of Faith back on my Shadow Priest, going all out on transmog farming again, and joining a Community or two, but I know many who are diving right in with the new War Mode. What about you? What will you be playing around with first in the Battle For Azeroth pre-patch?

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