Battleborn E3 Trailer Gives Exclusive Look at Gameplay

Battleborn finally released their E3 gameplay demo (the one they showed reporters and attendees). The demo frames Battleborn as Gearbox’s next logical progression from Borderlands.

Battleborn E3 Gameplay Trailer

The Battleborn E3 trailer feels less like a movie and more like a debriefing. In it, we catch our first glimpse of Cleese, the game’s nerdy narrator. He explains the game’s general plot and introduces each of the characters available at E3.

Though it might sound like a bizarre hybrid of mindless FPS and hack-and-slash beat-em-up, Battleborn is what happens when Borderlands meets MOBA. Everyone starts at level one and selects a perk each time they level-up. These perks do everything from increasing damage and lowering cooldowns to altering ability effects and out-right changing abilities.


From the footage shown, Battleborn appears to root itself in skill-based twitch combat, more-so than its spiritual predecessor. Where Borderlands rewarded players for picking up the biggest, nastiest gun in the wastes, Battleborn hails comabtants that master abilities and gameplay mechanics. Think smarter, not bigger.

And Battleborn is much smarter (plot-wise) than Borderlands. The entire universe is ending, and a team of heroes stand against an (seemingly) unstoppable villain–a much better story than “hunter anti-heroes (maybe) looking for an alien treasure.” The stakes are higher, and we, the audience, are instantly absorbed in the plot.

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